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Surgical Services for Pets

Surgical Services for Pets

Pet surgeries can be stressful for both the owner and the pet. We never want our precious pets to go through any kind of pain. And when the surgeries are absolutely required, you want nothing but the best veterinarians for your pet.

Goonoo Goonoo Road Veterinary Clinic offers surgical services for pets.

Our surgical services include:


Desexing is a surgical procedure performed on pets so that they don’t reproduce. It is one of the most common pet surgeries and is usually not very complicated. You can have your pet back home the same day after the surgery.

Our surgeons administer pain relief prior and after surgery to minimise the discomfort. And most pets recover quickly. You’ll be provided with some pain relieving medication after the surgery and your pet will be totally recovered in a short time.

This surgery is usually done for pets between 4 to 6 months of age. But you can get it done at any age after that as well.

Desexing not only prevents unwanted litter but can also help in reducing the risk of certain types of cancers and behavioural problems in pets.

Orthopaedic surgeries

We all know how much our pets love to jump around while playing. Sometimes they may hurt themselves and require bone or joint surgeries.

Don’t worry, we are here for you!

Our expert veterinarians perform careful orthopaedic surgeries so that your pet recovers properly and quickly. Some of the surgeries we perform are:

  • Cranial cruciate ligament repair
  • Fracture (broken bone) repair
  • Amputations for severe injuries or bone cancer cases

Further complicated surgeries can be referred to specialist orthopaedic surgeons. Our experts can help assess the complications and give you referrals if needed.

Dental surgeries

Dental problems and diseases are common in cats and dogs. Dental hygiene can be maintained by brushing the teeth and giving certain dental treats. But in some cases, your pet may require surgery.

Pets can have plaque build-up that can stick to the tooth and gum line and can calcify into tartar if not removed. It can cause damage to the teeth and your pet may have bad breath.

Our veterinarians perform dental surgeries to remove any build ups so that your pet can have healthy teeth.

Soft tissue surgeries

The surgeries not involving the bones are called soft tissue surgeries. These include desexing, exploratory laporotomies, caesareans, lump removals, biopsies, wound stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies and more.

Our experienced veterinarians perform soft tissue surgeries for pets in a fully equipped and sterile surgical suite.

One of the most common soft tissue surgeries we perform is lump removal.

It is advised to get your pet checked at once if you find any lumps. A biopsy is done for the lumps to determine the severity and if they are malignant or benign, while most are benign.

We plan the surgery accordingly and perform careful lump removal to provide the best results after surgery.

Ophthalmic surgeries

Ophthalmic surgeries are surgeries performed to treat your pet’s eyes.  

At Goonoo Goonoo Road Veterinary Clinic, we are fully equipped to perform:

  • Enucleation (removal) of the eye for severe glaucoma or cancer cases 
  • Entropion surgery to prevent ocular damage from inward pointing eyelashes/eyelids
  • Ectropion surgery to correct outward facing lower eyelids
  • Eyelid tumour removal
  • Cherry eye surgery to correct a protruding third eyelid in dogs
  • Surgery to repair corneal ulcers (ulcers on the eye surface)

Our veterinarians, using our advanced equipment diagnose the condition and advise you on treatments. Many conditions can be treated with medicines and only a few, more complicated cases may require surgery.

We can also refer you to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist for specialised procedures.

Emergency procedures

We offer after-hours emergency services for critical illnesses or injuries that need immediate action. We are prepared to handle situations like car accidents, heart conditions, poisoning and more.

Our veterinarians assess the condition at once and start the treatment as soon as possible. Emergency procedures costs can vary depending on what services and treatments are required. For more complicated cases, we can also refer you to a veterinary specialist centre or 24-hour emergency facility.

At Goonoo Goonoo Road Veterinary Clinic, we take utmost care of your pet while performing the required surgeries. We can also advise you on alternatives and encourage you to get the surgeries done only when they are necessary.

We are always here to address your concerns about our surgical procedures and after care.

Book your appointment with us for surgical services for pets in Tamworth.

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