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What are some general health practices that should be maintained for a dog?

With utter cuteness, comes responsibility and care. If you’re planning to get a furry friend home, there are certain practices to keep in mind to ensure they stay healthy and happy. 

Taking good care of your dog
Apart from good food and exercise, there are a lot of other things that your dog requires to stay healthy. Setting up a healthy routine and lifestyle is just as important for your dog’s health as it is for yours. Here are a few points to keep in mind if you’re raising a dog.

Check-ups and vaccinations
Puppies need to be vaccinated at two, three and four months of age with a combination vaccine that prevent diseases like Distemper and Parvo. After completing these, they should be vaccinated annually with booster vaccinations for prevention of various diseases and illnesses. On your first visit, your vet will set up a vaccination schedule to be followed. Apart from that, general check-ups at least once or twice a year are suggested. 

Ticks and fleas treatment and prevention
Ticks and fleas are most common during the warm season. While some only cause mild irritation, others can be carriers for various dangerous diseases in dogs as well as humans. It is advisable to keep checking their fur by brushing it with a comb to find and remove them. Alternately, you can get monthly treatments as sprays or spot ons to ensure your dog is tick and flea free.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to look under the paws and other areas with less fur like armpits while checking for ticks on your dogs as they like to stay in warm and moist areas.

Dental hygiene
Dental health is as important as anything else. You can maintain food dental hygiene of your dog by feeding it dry food, certain dental treats and letting them play with dental toys. Brushing the teeth should be done once or twice a week with a dog toothpaste. 
Bad breath is the indication of a dental check-up and that your dog requires professional cleaning. It is usually caused by plague and if left untreated can lead to periodontal disease. 

Spaying and neutering
Spaying is the surgery done to remove the ovaries and uterus in females while neutering is the surgery to remove the testicles in males. This surgery is not done only to prevent unwanted breeding but also plays a major role in keeping your dog healthy and prevent certain types of diseases. Spaying/neutering should be done before six months of age or before they mature. Spaying reduces the risk of breast cancer and uterus infections they could get when they get older. Neutering can help prevent prostate and testicular diseases, hernia and even aggression.

Boundaries at home
While your home is a safe space for your dog, there are a few things you don’t want them to play with as they may get hurt or end up destroying valuables. Dogs, especially puppies like to eat everything. Keep the hazardous items like cleaning supplies, pesticides, drugs, alcohol and other chemicals away. You can also spray items like electrical cords with a foul tasting spray to prevent you dog from chewing on it.  

Different breeds may require specific attention. Check with your vet if you dog needs any special type of care and maintenance to raise them right.



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