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Bird Care Services

bird care services

There are a lot of options when it comes to having a bird as a pet in Australia. Some birds like to socialise and others don’t. Certain birds can also learn special skills and can be talkative. 

You can choose the right bird for you depending on their needs, and characteristics like their size, colour and more.

All these characteristics need to be kept in mind when you decide to get a bird home. 

Things to keeping in mind when choosing the right bird for your home

Many families prefer canaries or budgerigars as they can live comfortably in limited space. It is the best option for people staying in flats, apartments or those who stay alone. Families who have larger spaces and can provide the care and attention can also go for parrots or cockatoos. These larger birds make perfect pets but can get bored easily and may need more attention.

The gender also plays a role in determining the characteristics of a bird. In canaries, only the males can whistle and sing. When dealing with budgerigars, the males are easier to teach talking. 

You can consider all these factors and decide the best bird suited for your home and personality. So both, you and your bird can have a great time with each other.

Caring for birds

Caring for a bird properly needs some things to be kept in mind.

Housing and Environment

You can buy a well-designed and built aviary for your bird depending on its size and movement. A bird should have ample space for movement inside the cage. The cage needs to be put in a well-ventilated and lit space, not too far away in the corner. The position should be such that they have their enjoyable space and also get to interact with you.  


The diet of your bird will depend on the species. In some cases, bird vitamins may be required to provide sufficient nutrition. Birds can eat a variety of foods including pellets, fruits, vegetables and seeds. But should not be fed only seeds. Fresh and clean water need to be kept for them at all times. Considering the hot temperatures in Australia, your bird needs to stay hydrated to have a healthy life.


The tray placed in the cage that collects excreta needs to be cleaned every day to provide hygienic living conditions for the bird. If not cleaned properly, it can cause various diseases and infections and be harmful for the health of your bird and your house.


Birds should not be left alone and away in a cage in an unpredictable environment. Keeping your bird outside in a cage without supervision can attract predators like cats and larger birds that can harm and scare your bird. They should also not be left in direct sunlight for long as the temperature can be too much for their body to handle. Cover the cage at night so that your bird can get some peaceful sleep.

Activities and exercises 

There are a variety of toys you can get to keep your bird occupied. You can get bells, ropes, swings, ladders and other toys that can help with physical and mental exercises of your bird. Instead of buying toys, you can also make these toys on your own and use actual tree branches in the cage.


Teaching your bird to be handled is important for a lot of reasons. It makes it easier when you take your bird for check-ups and can be examined properly. Slowly start teaching your bird to be handled inside the cage and then you can also control them outside of the cage. 

At Goonoo Goonoo Veterinary Clinic, Tamworth, we treat a variety of birds to make sure your bird stay healthy. We can also assist you with tips on how to choose the right bird and take care of them by preparing a check-up routine for them.

Get in touch with us if you have any doubts regarding bird care.

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